Workshop Detailed Program

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First Day: 12 June

Keynotes and practical sessions

Time Event
8:30 Registration


Opening Session

Mounir Ben Ayed (General Chair)

Honorary Chairs:

Hamadi Khemakhem, Director FSS (University of Sfax, Tunisia)

Slim Abdelkefi, Director ENIS (University of Sfax, Tunisia)

Adel M. Alimi, Director REGIM-Lab (University of Sfax, Tunisia)

Fatah Krichene, Director of technopark of Sfax

9:30 Aymen Tmar:presenting IEEE Tunisia Young Professionals
9:45 Keynote 1: Sami Belhadj (Senior Manager Life Insurance & POST TRADE, ODDO BHF)

Title: Demystifying the blockchain: from concept to practice

10:45 Practical session 1: “DAPP: decentralized application for project fundraising” By Sami Belhadj
11:45 Coffee Break
12:00 Keynote 2: Moez Gharsallah (Kaizen Training Academy)

Title: Blockchain & Smart Contracts

13:00 Practical session 2Blockchain & Smart Contracts

By Moez Gharsallah

14:00 Lunch
15:00 Keynote 3: Akram Hakiri (ISSAT Mateur)

Title: Blockchain and IoT demystified for connected intelligence

16:00 Practical session 3: Ethereum: the reference Public Blockchain” By Akram Hakiri 

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Second Day: 13 June

PhD students’ presentations

Time Event


Opening Session

Adel M. Alimi, Director REGIM-Lab (University of Sfax, Tunisia)

9:10 Keynote 4: Nadia El Jed (Chief Innovation Officer, Turnkey Ledger)

Title: Blockchain for supply chain management

11:10 Coffee Break
11:20 Thameur Dhieb

Online Writer Identification based on Beta-Elliptic Model and Fuzzy Elementary Perceptual Codes

11:40 Mariam Zouari

An Evolutionary Hierarchical Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Knowledge Representation System (EHIT2FKRS) for Travel Route Assignment

12:00 Emna Benmohamed

From data mining to visual analytics: how knowledge can be improved?

12:20 Dorra Mellouli

Interpretable Deep Neural Network Architecture for Pattern Recognition

12:40 Abir Abid

Constructing a cognitive and an emotionally intelligent teamwork in e-learning system.

13:00 Zeineb Fki

Online Risk PreDIC-FSStion in Smart Home Care: Application to End Stage Renal Disease

13:15 Yosr Ghozzi

Interval Type-2 Beta Fuzzy Near Sets based approach to content based image retrieval

13:30 Rim MegDIC-FSShe

A Trust Management Model for Social Internet of Things

13:45 Faten Khmakhem

Deep Learning for Facial Expression Recognition

14:00 Jihene Tmamna

Knowledge discovery from IoT data based on deep learning in fog computing”

14:15 Zouhour Salem

Deep Learning for Big IoT Data Management and Analytics in Fog blockchain Computing

14:30 Wissal Midani

Anomaly detection in ECG signal for continuous monitoring in IoT home care

14:45 Chaima Nakti

Attack detection based on a trust management model for IoT

15:00 Closing Session