About Us

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Blockchain technologies are able to track, coordinate, and carry out transactions and store data from a large amount of devices, enabling the creation of applications that require no centralized cloud.

The distributed ledger functionality coupled with security of BlockChain, makes it a very attractive technology to solve the security problem. This technology could provide a new model for system information exchanges by making transaction more efficient and secure.


The aim of the workshop is to bring together practitioners and researchers from both academia and industry in order to have a forum for discussion and technical presentations on the recent advances in theory, application and implementation of the Blockchain concepts: technologies, protocols, algorithms, services and evaluation experimentation of Blockchain enabling technologies in different applications.

The mission this event is to inspire academics (Master’s students, PhD students, and postdocs) and industrials to become socially responsible and be engaged in developing technological solutions which are cost effective and sustainable. Thus, the workshop invites both academics and industrials to showcase innovation and progress in technology and methodology addressing the socio-cultural and socio-economic needs.

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Important Dates

Registration opening: May 23, 2019

Registration deadline (extended): June 9, 2019 June 11, 2019

Workshop days: June 12-13, 2019